What Can VoIP Do? VoIP Features Guide

by | Oct 20, 2015 | VoIP

With BT shutting down ISDN there’s been a massive influx of businesses looking to switch to VoIP in order to retain phone service. VoIP features have made considerable developments in the last five years and offer potential to make communications simple and efficient assuming they are configured, deployed and managed correctly.

VoIP can be used as a replacement dial tone, which is more than enough for most businesses, or you can utilize it as a tool to generate more sales, create happier customers and all around improve your business. VoIP features embrace possibilities for the remote worker offering mobility and fast access wherever, whenever. An optimized VoIP system means you never miss a conversation with your customers and prospects.

VoIP can be a turnkey solution, or your system can be configured to be completely bespoke. The Telux VoIP portal can be configured and updated with a simple click giving you  access to all of our VoIP features. Here’s our guide on how to make VoIP work for you.

Personalised Voicemails

Customise and access personalised voicemails, so you don’t have to be at your desk to catch up on what you’ve missed (you can also delete VMs so they don’t clog up if you’re away for a while). You can also set voicemail-to-email notifications, if you prefer to get your voicemails straight to your inbox.

Call Divert

What if my calls divert to my mobile, I’m working from home today and I left my mobile at the office? The portal can handle this – you can set up temporary call forwarding to any number so that you can still receive your calls even if you don’t have your normal device with you – planned or unplanned!   

Call Logs

Need to know who called at 11am yesterday and can’t remember their number – you can find detailed call records in your personal portal too . You can search your full user call logs by date or search for a specific number.


What’s our personal favourite user portal feature? Quickcall. Quickcall allows you to make a call from any of your registered devices to any number, all from your portal; it rings the registered device you select to ring from and when you answer, automatically calls the number you entered.

Call Flows and Devices

Account Administrators can access even more VoIP features on their system, so they can play with call flows and devices, to ensure all their calls go through to exactly the right place – if they don’t want us to do it for them!


The complexity, and sheer number, of configurations and features made available with VoIP is perhaps what scares a lot of businesses away. That’s why our systems are independently managed and supported,  and we are fully committed to ensuring we optimise the use of our systems and its features for our customers. The Telux VoIP user portal is prepared for change; the only certainty is that your needs tomorrow will be different from today  and that is why our packages are configured specifically to your company’s processes and goals.