The Hard Hitting Impact of Missed Calls for UK SMEs [Infographic]

by | Feb 24, 2016 | Communication, Happier Customers, Make More Sales, SMEs, VoIP

The phone is still one of your greatest assets to generate leads and connect with prospects.

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For a little Wednesday morning perspective – The average cost of missing a customer call is £1,230… £1230! That’s 410 Vanilla Mocha Lattes your office could be indulging in.

We’re all savvy to the impact of visual data to make a point, so here’s a great Infographic to demonstrate the costly impact of missed calls for your SME.

Ask any modern sales and/or marketing guru about increasing inbound leads and the first thing you’ll hear is Social Media. We’re sure you’re all familiar with the buzz terms; learn SEO, get more people to your website, utilise your LinkedIn, start writing blog posts, etc, etc.

These are all great suggestions and a fantastic addition to any sales and marketing plan. However, the new drive for focusing on the “new” seems to be overlooking existing tools businesses have been using, with a proven track record, for the last 45 years.

A recent survey showed businesses still receive up to 80% of incoming communications via the telephone. 80 percent! That’s a hefty figure that certainly deserves a second look when it comes to optimising and increasing inbound leads.

You might be thinking “no way, we don’t get that much! We hardly get any inbound leads!” Well, you might be missing something your competitors aren’t.

A few years ago, Google published The Digital Evolution in B2B Marketing which highlighted major shifts in buyers behavior and the sales cycle. According to the study, customers reported to being nearly 60 percent through the sales process before contacting a sales rep, regardless of price point. Buyers are doing so much of their research online to determine what they want that by the time they pick up the phone to initiate a purchase they are already convinced what they need to buy, they just need to determine from whom.

So they pick up the phone, ready to ask you some questions and get the ball rolling, they dial your number. It rings. And rings… No one is there.

With the ease of access to information, we want answers fast. By the point of verbal contact, your prospects patience is running thin and 61% of consumers switch to competitors if they don’t get a response the first time they call.

Considering the amount of calls that are new business related, do you really want a poor phone system to be the cause of turning this business away?

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