Getting SMEs Ready for Mobility and Remote Working [Template]

by | Mar 21, 2016 | Communication, Happier Customers, Make More Sales, SMEs, Technology

When prospects can’t get in contact with you … their business (and money) will go elsewhere. Consumers want answers fast and if they can’t get hold of you, 85% of consumers will move swiftly on to one of your competitors who will answer their calls.

Download our handy Mobility & Remote Working Planner to ensure you never miss a call or opportunity.

UK Businesses are losing £31.6 billion each year because they fail to answer calls. More specifically, each missed call can cost SMEs up to £1,200 in lost revenue.

We’ve talked ad nauseum about the importance of immediate response and engagement when a customer reaches out to you. Now that millennials are the primary generation in the workforce, we have to acknowledge and embrace the immediate gratification culture in the way we do business and communicate.

Picture the scenario: a potential prospect has engaged with your marketing. They visit your website, get more details about what you do, start to picture how your product can work for them, (all good things!) so they pick up the phone to initiate the next step in your relationship (hooray!) and… “John is away from his desk.”

Womp, womp. All of that investment and build up and you fumble at the 50 yard line (forgive the American sports reference – the whole office couldn’t come up with a British equivalent… Tech people!)

How do you meet the demands of increasingly impatient prospects whilst continuing to run your business – which, presumably, can’t be done strapped to a desk 24 hours a day?

A little planning goes a long way here. Mapping the most likely scenarios and what adjustments are made for each helps to alleviate common communication gaps. Believe it or not, it can all be done quickly and for free.  

Lucky for you, we’re sharing the mobility and remote working planner we use to ensure leading UK companies like Distology Software never miss a call. We want to help you ensure you NEVER miss a call or opportunity. Download our handy Mobility & Remote Working Planner and create a plan for yourself in less than ten minutes!