Telux HD VoIP Featured in Hubspot Q1 2016 Results Earnings Call

by | Jun 9, 2016 | SMEs, Technology

Back in March an unusual email came across my desk from the team at Hubspot. As I was recently “Hubspot Certified” and had spent the previous few months configuring our Hubspot platform, I was pretty indifferent to most of the Hubspot email templates that popped into my inbox daily. Thankfully, I didn’t ignore this one, which invited Hubspot users to give their feedback during a meeting review of their product, sales, marketing and services teams meet to discuss their CRM and Sales product lines.

I responded with “Sign me up!” figuring it would be a quick chat with a few of their team. When the call itself rolled around I was a little surprised (and unprepared) to hear a gaggle of people on the call, including the big man himself, Hubspot Chief Executive Officer, Brian Halligan. The call was quick and painless and a great opportunity to reflect on what was and wasn’t working for us. [Hearing yourself respond to questions about your sales and marketing efforts is a pretty interesting change of perspective!]

A week or so after the call, I had another email letting me know Telux had been short listed as a feature case study during Hubspot’s next earnings call. Thanks to call recording set up in our portal, I had the entire conversation available to share with the investor relations team which, I’m sure, helped us climb to the top of the feature list.

Hubspot’s Q1 2016 Results were recently published along with our feature. (If you’re curious, they kicked off the year with a first quarter total revenue growth of 54% and subscription revenue growth of 57%. In addition to that outstanding growth they delivered 10 points of non-GAAP operating margin improvement and 7.5 points of operating cash flow improvement over last year).

Here’s the excerpt:

What better way to hear about our early success in CRM and sales than from a customer who is using this stuff every day. You know by now how much I love sharing our customer stories.


There was a point where I have even invited a customer to join in an earlier investor call. But what you probably don’t know is that the senior leadership team holds customer calls each month so we can all hear directly together from our customers what’s working and what isn’t.


We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Rosie Moth, a co-founder of Telux HD, a B2B voiceover IP telephony platform based in the U.K. Personally I found Rosie’s journey with HubSpot over the last couple years to be the most fascinating part of the conversation, because it is so clearly illustrated the power of our premium go-to-market approach we have taken with our sales and CRM products.


A few years ago, Rosie’s cofounder Murray came across the HubSpot marketing platform. He showed it to Rosie and wondered out loud if it was worth taking a look. Despite being somewhat interested, Rosie actually decided to stick with what they had cobbled together with point solutions on the marketing side. Telux had already invested a ton of time in making those puzzle pieces fit as best they could in time the resources were tight. It happens, we cannot win them all.


Well, a few months later, HubSpot released our Sidekick product, Rosie’s prior due diligence in this nifty little Sidekick tool makes a decision to purchase it much easier. So, hey, HubSpot it is. Telux adopted Sidekick, rolled it across the team and became a HubSpot customer.


Another eight, nine months went by and Telux was ready to start growing their sales team, so it was time to get serious about a CRM system. After little bit of research in Rosie’s words, quote, “It is a no-brainer. It is a highly rated free CRM and they are works with this tool that we love, who is going to say no to that so we didn’t.”


Okay. Fast-forward another six months and Rosie happens to be at a Grow with HubSpot event where she witnesses firsthand the whole HubSpot stack working together and she just gets it. She is sold. She leaves mid presentation to find her HubSpot rep, schedules a full demo for her team, within a few weeks Telux is up and running on the professional version of the HubSpot marketing product as well.


And then a few weeks after that, when they see how well the marketing product is working for them, Telux sales team upgraded their Sidekick license to our HubSpot sales product and they are off. I could go on and on about how much we love customers like Rosie. And of course, we are thrilled the teams like hers keep increasing their spend with HubSpot overtime.


But what I really love to see is how this demonstrates again the power of inbound, the product stack and our go-to-market approach. We have seen the number of customers that adopt the sales or CRM product first and then purchase our marketing product doubled since late 2015.


Products like HubSpot Sales Pro and HubSpot CRM help customers like Rosie and her team get better every day which just further validates the whole inbound business model. Be helpful be human, it’s all for the customer every day.


Thanks to Rosie and the Telux team for taking the time to share their story with the HubSpot team. Again we just love to your customer success stories, what HubSpot lives for.


-Brian Halligan, Hubspot Chief Financial Officer

You can read the entire transcript here.