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Poorly Optimised Phone Systems Lose Millennial Customers

by | Aug 25, 2016 | Technology, VoIP, VoIP FAQ

Millennials – you might have seen this buzzword thrown around a lot recently, especially in the startup world. I’m a millennial myself (sitting comfortably in the 16-35 age bracket), but millennials aren’t just the the types you’d see hunched over a Macbook in Starbucks – they’re actually starting to outnumber the older generations and are most likely your largest customer demographic. Creating a positive brand impression and excellent customer service for this age group is now more important than ever. One of the most important ways to gain new customers and maintain customer loyalty is by optimising your phone systems.

Poorly optimised business phone systems have a massive negative impact on your customers’ impressions of you. Given the importance of online channels, many businesses tend to treat their phone system as an afterthought, rather than a vital tool. Millennials in particular have reported these as their main pain points:

  • No Caller ID
  • Routing calls to the wrong employees and consistent busy tones
  • Inability to reach specific employees
  • Failure to respond to voicemail messages

These are all problems that can be solved simply by investing your time and optimising your phone system. Here we offer a solution for each of the issues that are giving your millennial customers a poor impression of you – or driving them away completely.

No Caller ID

We all hate it when ‘Unknown’ flashes up on our phone screens. If you’re a legitimate business making an outbound call, why the need to hide who you are? Receiving a call without a Caller ID can instantly cause the recipient to ignore the call completely – losing you vital contact time and potential business. With hosted PBX services, you don’t even have to display the number you’re calling from – but you should be displaying something. If you feel so inclined you could even display a geographically specific number to target customers in certain areas.

Routing calls to the wrong employees and consistent busy tones

As we mentioned in this post, having an auto-receptionist can help make a strong first impression every time you receive an inbound call. Automated menus are actually preferred by most millennials. At least with an choice of ‘Dial 1 for…’ they know they are reaching the right department and not being transferred around the whole business waiting to speak to someone. Auto receptionists are even free with some VoIP systems (including ours) so there is no excuse for not having one! To combat the annoyance a busy tone can cause, you need to think about how your calls are handled when you are already on the phone. If you have the staff numbers available, encourage everyone in your place of work to answer phones – even if it’s not their department. Someone calling you would much rather leave a message with a human being than be rebuffed by an infuriating busy tone.

Inability to reach specific employees

With a hosted PBX system, extensions and direct dials no longer just apply to deskphones. Several devices can be assigned to one extension, so even if you’re out of the office you can be contacted on the same number on your mobile, or even a laptop with a softphone. Having specific ring groups set up means that even if a particular person isn’t available, someone with a similar skillset might be able to handle the call. Never miss a call – if your customers are ringing you, they’re ringing you for a reason.

Failure to respond to voicemails

The main reason why voicemails are never returned is that the person who received the message doesn’t know how to access them. This is usually because the user isn’t familiar with the hardware sat on their desk – some modern phones are quite tricky to get the hang of! If you have a fully optimised VoIP solution, it is possible to have your voicemails emailed to you. Accessing emails can sometimes be a lot easier than finding a way to work your phone, plus the emails are timestamped so it’s easier to keep track of your messages all in one place – as a bonus it’s a sound file, so you can scrub forwards and backwards to any point in the message, without having to listen to the whole message because you missed one small detail.

All of these pain points are easily remedied, and these solutions are all included in the Telux HD VoIP system. Taking the time to optimise your phone system doesn’t have to be a laborious task and it works wonders when it comes to retaining and acquiring the largest customer base – the millennials.

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