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[VoIP FAQ] Overlaps in conversations on phone calls – it sounds like we’re interrupting each other.

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As you’d expect, we get our fair share of support calls, they range from queries on how to check voicemail and change callflows, all the way through to questions about dialling internationally and porting numbers.

What we notice, is that some questions are more common than others. We thought we’d take a few minutes to give a quick run-down of some of our most commonly asked communications questions, to help you out of any potential VoIP pickles!

Overlaps in conversations on phone calls – it sounds like we’re interrupting each other.

Overlaps in conversation, which make it sound like people are talking over each other on calls, are caused by Delay. When you talk into your SIP handset, the data received has to be transmitted across your network, out to the internet, towards the destination network, and finally to the system of the person listening. All of this has to take place within milliseconds and the data has to be received in the same order and timing that it was sent. If this process, or certain pieces of data, are delayed, it can cause overlaps and interruptions on your call.

Delay is caused by excessive Latency on a network. Latency is the time it takes for a specific piece of data (known as a packet) to be transmitted from its source, to its destination. If this period of time is long and data gets delayed reaching its destination,  it can cause overlaps in conversation.

If you experience overlaps on calls, it’s worth running a ping test (you can do one over at pingtest.net), to check how your connection is doing. Your ping result gives an indication of the latency on your network. You’ll want to get a value under around 100 ms to ensure your call quality doesn’t suffer. If your value is under 100 ms, the issue lies with the quality of your internet connection. A solution we often suggest is to install a simple internet line which is dedicate only to your VoIP calls. 

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