My calls sound crackly or scrambled

[VoIP FAQ] My calls sound crackly or scrambled.

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Technology, VoIP, VoIP FAQ

As you’d expect, we get our fair share of support calls, they range from queries on how to check voicemail and change callflows, all the way through to questions about dialling internationally and porting numbers.

What we notice, is that some questions are more common than others. We thought we’d take a few minutes to give a quick run-down of some of our most commonly asked communications questions, to help you out of any potential VoIP pickles!

My calls sound crackly or scrambled.

Calls over VoIP can often sound crackly or scrambled if your network is suffering from Jitter. Whilst latency is the time it takes for a specific piece of data (or packet) to be transmitted from its source, to its destination, Jitter refers to a change in this time between each packet. And this change in time can result in the packets being assembled in the wrong order or being skipped altogether, ends up  sounding like crackly or scrambled calls.

On a call, each piece of data that is sent when a person talks, is received at the other end and queued up, ready to be heard by the listener in the same order and timing it was send. If the time that it takes for each piece of data to be transmitted changes from one to the next (Jitter), you may end up with some large gaps of time where nothing is received, followed by multiple pieces of data arriving together. Whilst jitter buffers queue up packets of data to send correctly and evenly spaced, excessive jitter on your network can cause congestion, which results in some packets being completely discarded, which can make crackly or scrambled calls.

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