Hosted VoIP is Great, Managed Cloud Telephony is Better

by | Jan 18, 2016 | VoIP

Managed Cloud Telephony feels simple. It just works. We recognize that a fully managed cloud phone system is what users need to really benefit from the complexity and power of VoIP services, especially for changing, growing, dynamic companies.

A fully managed phone system is all part of the Telux HD experience.  If you choose Telux HD, you’ll get:

  • Expert system architects to customize your system so that it works the way you want.
  • A dedicated team that monitors system issues and feature usage.
  • On-demand support and training, not only for system administrators, but also for end users. Attention paid to your customers experience. The right call flow gets callers where they want to go quickly, keeping your staff as accessible as they need to be.
  • Experts on hand to guide you through using our value added services like custom application integration or our open API.
  • Focus on the future cloud communications innovations to benefit you.

Information is Key

Telux understand that a well informed customer is a shrewd customer. We want you to have access to all the facts you need to make the best decision for your organization. Whether you’re a small business or you have multiple locations, we can get you up and running with Telux HD cloud managed telephony in days NOT months. Stop thinking of the phone as just another business expense; it’s an essential tool that connects you with your colleagues, clients and prospects. A great phone service helps you succeed.

The Managed Cloud Difference

Many companies are willing to sell VoIP to businesses, but only Telux delivers a class of advanced, easy-to-use services to fully unify corporate communications while guaranteeing call quality and service. We take the time to learn about your environment, requirements and infrastructure to custom design a scalable communications platform that fits your current and potential future needs.

HOSTED – We offer HD Business VoIP without installing expensive physical equipment onsite at your location(s). Our business phones install in minutes, there is no hardware for you to maintain. Administrative functions can be managed using a browser-based Web portal on the Internet or by simply calling support.

CLOUD – We own, manage and monitor the system – and the upgrades – so you can leverage the latest technology without continually investing more capital. Add users only as needed, and offer them true mobility, robust calling features and reliable service.

MANAGED – We provide the phones, HD business VoIP services, applications, and data path from our data centers to your location(s) so you are guaranteed superior call quality and service. Instead of routing your calls over the public Internet, Telux HD has ISP partners to give you your own priority channel to us, eliminating slow connections and service interruptions.

Big Suppliers only Care about the Big Companies

The UK telecoms incumbents do not care about the UK economy.

SME’s are the driving force behind the UK economy accounting for 99.3% of all private sector businesses, 60% of private sector employment and 47% of all private sector turnover in the UK.

Incumbent suppliers cater to large enterprise accounts, they fight hard to win them because once they are on board they stick with a supplier for many years. They don’t take into consideration the problems and possible solutions for SME because they cannot and choose not to relate to and understand their business.

Incumbents have fixed infrastructure, staff, assets and plans that they have spent $$$ and years investing in. They are perfectly aligned with the big businesses they support as neither are in a position to accommodate rapid change.

Business models are based on outdated technology they have invested in and thus want to ride out. This also creates a stagnant environment when it comes to innovation. When small businesses grow or change it’s hard [expensive] for BT to make a change for you, they just are not geared up for it.

The Second Internet

Over the past few years there has been increasing concern about the shortage of IP addresses. It’s now starting to grab the attention of the media, and for good reason. When created it must have seemed that the 4 billion or so IP addresses would be more than enough but there are currently less than 2% left. Who knows when they will run out.

What’s the answer? IPv6!

IPv6 provides 340 billion billion billion billion IP addresses so we really shouldn’t run out of those unless we start connecting every human cell directly to the internet. However, IPv4 and IPv6 are not directly compatible. They do not work together, so soon we are going to have 2 separate Internets. For peace of mind Telux is present, tested and fully supported on both IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

Is the rest of your infrastructure ready?