Raise A Support Ticket

Use our ticketing system to generate and track communications in relation to system or call problems, system change requests including adding users, changing callflows, autoreceptionists, or time of day rules, or to request new hardware or features.

Got a VoIP Technology question? Find the answer here in our VoIP FAQ.

Can I use my own phone?

We are happy to work with your existing hardware if it is compatible with our system. The one time cost of provisioning is £20 per device so that it can be set up on our system.

Do I have to buy a phone from you?

No. If you would prefer to buy your phones elsewhere or already have phones compatible with our system you would like to use you are welcome to use them. The one time cost of provisioning is £20 per device so that it can be set up on our system. Click here to view our pricing.

I’ve heard VoIP has poor quality?

Standard VoIP providers send their call traffic over the public internet - something everybody shares. We do not. We have special relationships with the ISPs so that we can ensure great quality at all times.

What Internet speed do I require?

1Mb would be sufficient for 12 simultaneous calls. More important is the quality of your broadband- we can check this for you and provide affordable alternate solutions should your existing connection not be sufficient.

Will somebody come out to set everything up?

If you would like us to provide an internet connection, one of our engineers will come and set everything up. If not, then all you have to do is take your phones out of the box and plug them in- no set up required on your part!

What if I have a problem or want to change my settings?

As part of your service, you get tech support included. If you have trouble using the phone or want to change any settings, call us or send an e-mail. Everything can be managed remotely so we don’t need to come out and visit you. If you’d like to change settings yourself, we can give you guidance on how to use the Telux Portal.

What if I want to add a user?

You can add new users directly from your Telux portal or by reaching out to the support team [[email protected]] and we will send you a pre configured phone. All you have to do is plug it in and it's ready to use. Your next invoice will reflect an additional per user per month cost depending on your tariff. Click here to view our pricing.

What happens if we have a power cut?

If you purchased a PoE switch from us, you will still have power to your phones so you will not lose service. We can configure your system to include a disaster fail over [this is one of the premium features included in your system] which can divert calls to mobiles or other devices so you never lose contact.

What about dropped calls?

We have a presence in several data centres around the country. That means if the service fails in one, it will failover to another without you even knowing and with no disruption to your service.

What do calls cost?

Complete UK call rates are as follows:


01, 02, 03
1.5p / minute


Major Providers
6p / minute


0800 & 0500

Special Rate      

08 Numbers
From 7p / minute

You can find a complete list our VoIP call rates here.  Call rates are subject to change.