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There were 5.4 million small businesses in the UK in 2014 with figures growing over the past few years. Half of small businesses are reported to fail in the first five years. A major factor in whether a small business will succeed is the image they portray to potential customers. Are they stable and professional? Can they compete with the “big boys?” If you aren’t already contemplating ways to make your business look more professional, you should be.

When you’re starting out in business, using a mobile phone or home landline as your business phone number is common practice. Most businesses either want to avoid the use of their home landline or mobile number or they simply outgrow this setup and need something more professional and fit for purpose.

business look more professional

“Professional is not a label you give yourself, it’s a description you hope other people apply to you.”


Turn the world into your office

THE SOLUTION — The easiest and most cost effective way to sound like the big boys and give you a competitive edge is to use a modern VoIP platform which will greet and manage callers. If you are starting a business, a sole trader, or running an existing business, a virtual phone system can solve your telephony issues giving you peace-of-mind having a single low-cost number without being caught out by expensive diversion charges. Our simple solution is only £9 per month including all of our features, like call recording and voicemail to email, plus the cost of your calls. Only pay for what you need, nothing more and no surprises.


  • Choose your telephone number from your choice of local, non-geographic or 0800 numbers all of which can make your small business sound more professional.
  • Use our Custom Main Greeting to automatically forward your calls. Easy!
  • Define your office hours so that callers are met with the appropriate message or sent to the right device depending on the time of day they call.
  • Work from anywhere and get calls forwarded to your or your team’s mobile, office or landline.
  • Manage your calls and find more time to do what you love! With our call management services, business will prosper.


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