Call Divert Hack: 1 Simple Tweak So You Don’t Have To Remember 100s of Extensions

by | Apr 1, 2016 | Happier Customers, HR, VoIP

It’s happened to all of us. Someone nips out of the office to get their caffeine fix from Starbucks, or popped out for a bit of lunch and what happens? Just at that exact same moment you realise you urgently need them for something. Normally you’d have to spend ages trawling through post-it notes, or rummaging through the company contact list in search of their mobile number. This is not only time-consuming but extremely tedious too! Believe it or not, there’s a simple call divert hack that’s faster and simpler. It saves you time and ensures you’re talking to the right team-mates at the right time.

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Most business phone services will provide your company with a list of extensions to be assigned to each of your  individual team-members. Standard extensions tend to be 101, 102, 103… You get the idea. Extensions divert the caller to the desk phone of the desired contact.

What happens if you want to divert to another device of one of your team members? Having an alternative version of an extension number is incredibly simple to implement.  Our call divert hack? Add an asterisk to the end of each extension. This doesn’t require memorising a new list of numbers – only a simple additional character.


For example: Jeff in HR has the extension ‘888’ for his desk phone. You could add an additional character after this so that internal calls of ‘888*’ will go straight to his mobile. Many people don’t like having their work calls diverted to their mobiles, so this method ensures that only internal colleague to colleague calls come through, saving the fluster that an unexpected customer call could cause while you’re out and about. It even means you can talk to your team-mates from anywhere, without having to worry about setting up a desk phone everywhere you go.

Maintaining an open channel of communication is not just for external calls, having a strong internal communication network is vital to a happy and productive team.