A bank holiday weekend kills productivity and I f*cking hate them.

by | May 16, 2016 | Business Advice, Communication, Growth, SMEs

I probably sound like a kill joy – ask my staff, maybe I am.

I love extremes, everything to me is all or nothing specially when it comes to activity. [You’re perhaps already acquainted with my Three F’s ideology of working.] I cannot just plod along – which is probably why I make such an awful employee. I cant even watch TV on a weekly schedule. Long before Netflix I was downloading TV shows to queue up and smash out a season over a weekend. Ever remember telling people you are busy this weekend because ‘season 2 of 24?’ That’s exactly my MO.

Its not that I am obsessive about things, I firmly believe in the efficiency of doing something to death or not at all. Multitasking is BULLSHIT unless you like half arsing lots of things. 

Often I have a week where I do nothing – I am present, I am reactive and able to solve the demands of the day but I drift into the office and spend my time. Equally I go through sporadic periods of intense focus, objectively hammering through a metric fucktonne of useful work. It’s not rare that in one of these phases I will wake before 7, energized and desperate to get a list laid down that many people would schedule for a week or longer, knowing I will get it all done in the next 48 hours.

When I am on a roll I pity the task that gets on my list, its getting nailed hard. Sadly sometimes things get in the way of my productivity crusade. Things like sleep and filled bladders I can accept. Weekends however are already anathema to getting things done.

The only thing worse than weekends is a forced extended one for the sake of nothing. To add insult to injury, most people react to the impending break by cycling down their activity a few days before. A bank holiday weekend kills productivity as it is more like a week of lost work.

I am so sick of hearing ‘lets deal with X after the holiday’. And why do banks need holidays?! What exactly is it they are doing that they couldn’t do on the already unnecessary weekend shutdown, how about they step into 2016 and embrace 24/7/365?

More importantly – if you only work a 40 hour week and for some reason are desperate for a weekend to enjoy – you are doing the wrong job for the wrong company. Your bank holiday weekend kills productivity AND it’s not going to make you any happier in the long run.

Spend some time thinking about where your life isn’t going and find something to do that is worth waking up for. The thing that consumes the majority of your waking hours and hence life IS work – make it something you care about. If you love what you do – you’ll agree with me that bank holiday weekend kills productivity.

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