6 Tactics to Help You Understand Your Prospects

by | Mar 9, 2016 | Communication, Make More Sales

Do you actually know what your prospects want?

In order to understand your customers and meet their needs, you have to listen to what they want. Speaking to customers in generalities does not promote a positive user experience. To ensure happy customers, we have to treat them as if we were in a relationship, listen to their needs and respond accordingly.

With inbound calls, it’s common practice to look at new relationships as only fitting within the realm of sales. However, more and more, sales are only communicating with customers at point of sale. If businesses focus on understanding prospective customers, using this collective knowledge, the entire company will be informed and united in what it takes to attract, engage and retain loyal customers.

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Don’t waste conversations with customers. Using these simple steps, you’ll have happier customers and close more sales.


Ask Intelligent Questions

A defined strategy for profile building is often overlooked when discussing prospect conversations. Which is dangerous – especially if initial conversations aren’t always with sales people. Skim your CRM and you’ll find lots of general statements about prospects; “Interested in new system,” “Contact in 6 months,” “Evaluating next quarter,” “Looking for better solution.”

Arming your staff – all of your staff – on strategic questions to understand what your prospect’s needs and pain points, will streamline and segment your sales pipeline beautifully without any extra effort.

A great place to start would be:

  • What is it you are trying to achieve?
  • Could you tell me about your business?
  • Do you mind sharing what you’re looking for?


Information & Confirmation

After listening to a prospect or customer’s needs, repeat it back to them. Many things can get lost in translation or assumption. Psychologically, hearing their words and having a chance to process them audibly may affirm their needs or compel them to change them.


Be Obsessive About Note Taking

As soon as your pipeline starts to grow, you’re going to have trouble remembering what Bill was trying to achieve and what June is actually looking for. This gets even more complicated when calls are coming in to other departments who have their own workloads and tasks to remember. A CRM is the easiest and most logical way to manage this. Take it a step further and include the above questions as fields in your CRM. Throughout the customer’s life cycle whether they are interacting with sales, support or development – your team will have an immediate understanding of who they are and what they want.


Every conversation with a prospect is an opportunity to move them further down the sales pipeline and get them one step close to becoming a customer. Conversations need to be structured towards gaining insight into your prospects needs so you can use this knowledge to tailor your service and make sure you are meeting their needs accordingly. Applying the above tactics to help you understand your prospects will ensure you are not wasting conversations and subsequently opportunities to make sales.

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